As one of the founding fathers of FMX, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg has been an instrumental figure in the development and success of the sport. His notoriously smooth style and deep bag of tricks has made Twitch an FMX icon and one of the premier athletes in the sport. Winning medals and reaching the podium in Real Moto, Freestyle, Best Trick, Step-up, Speed and Style and Best Whip, Twitch has consistently shown that he is the most complete and talented rider in the sport.

While continuously competing and winning events, including X Games where he has accumulated 17 X Games medals (six are gold), Twitch has started committing more of his time to a long time passion of his – bringing freestyle to natural terrain. In 2012 Twitch released his highly acclaimed film, “420% All Natural” which has put freeriding on the map. In 2014 he followed up with “Chasing the Storm”, a film that follows Jeremy and friends as they showcase their skills in the most scenic and technical locations a dirt bike rider can encounter on the West Coast. The film was #1 on the iTunes sports charts in the opening week, solidifying his position as one of the most creative and naturally gifted riders of all time. “Chasing the Storm 2″ will be released fall 2016.

Twitch’s fan base is second to none in the world of FMX and he always takes the time to interact with his fans and genuinely enjoys spending time with them. As evidence of his devotion and respect for his fans, Twitch has been awarded the Gold medal in best whip 4 times at X Games, an event that is judged entirely by the public. With the 2013 launch of his company Dirt Bike Kidz, and his involvement in racing trucks in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, competing at the Summer X Games and Real Moto on ABC, Twitch is looking forward to the future.

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D-Loc Kottonmouth Kings Hostility Clothing
Kottonmouth Kings

Since his debut with counter-culture icons Kottonmouth Kings in 1994, D-Loc has soared to the heights of success by selling over 2 million albums and over a million in concerts tickets from over 1,500 live performances in the group’s decade plus existence. Kottonmouth Kings have infiltrated the mainstream on their own terms and each of the group’s albums has hit the Billboard Charts Top 200, even debuting as high as #26 on the charts. Their accomplishments are even more impressive given the fact that they have remained completely independent from the mainstream, without the aid of a major label.

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The Holden Twinz and their crew of pranksters are some real funny dudes. When YouTube gets stagnant and stale, these dudes are willing to push the boundires even harder each time to get a reaction out of their prankee’s for your amusement. Be sure to head over to their website ( and subscribe to their YouTube channel for some of the funniest videos on the web!

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