1. Randy

    Twitch, what up bro!, huge fan of urs since the glory days, I f**kin’ can honestly say your a huge role model of mine, we’re roughly the same age with the same characteristics, loyal to the soil!, I think ur clothing line is dope!!, plus your way of thinking freestyle is what you make of it, natural terrain and love challenging myself with new unfamiliar ways of making my own paths, and kickin’ it with my boys on our 450s from dawn till dusk…recently broke my back and ribs with also a collapsed lung riding in the woods full throttle into some trees, but it’s all good, I’ll bounce back, if you have any discount codes, or even some stickers to give out that would be great, I’m currently broke $$, but I’m looking for some new threads to keep it real!!, I tried buying a bunch of tees and a new lid,, so I’m trying to sell some shit so I can buy some of ur merch, im a dirt Bike kid for life, maybe you could swing a free tee or lid so i can stay fresh while i heal?! I have a ’05 crf450 currently but looking to upgrade next spring, ill definitely be scoping out your merch online, I had a cart full of stuff just to find out my card was declined, sucks, can’t work till late November, then I’ll buy all sorts of shit from hostility!!..keep it real brah!!

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